For one day from midnight to midnight for showers, anniversary, graduations, family gatherings for birthdays or holidays, etc.

$125 + $75 security deposit ($200 per day)


Thursday – Sunday…………… $625 + $200 sec dep ($825)

Friday – Sunday……………… $575 + $150 sec dep ($725)

Saturday – Sunday…………… $450 + $100 sec dep ($550) 

Click here for the contract:

St. Anthony Hall Contract

Contact the Parish office for availability (715)251-3879 or e-mail [email protected]

Note: You do not need to be a member of St. Anthony Parish to rent our Hall!

Included in Rental to use:

(250) chairs

(40) 8' rectangular tables

(10) 5' round tables

Extra fee for linen table cloths (details on inquiry):

(35) rectangular

(10) round

(3) skirts

St. Anthony 

Parish Hall



Fully functioning kitchen 

Perfect for catering

Hardwood floors

Vaulted ceiling with large ceiling fan

New windows that open for circulation

Buffet tables for hot and cold serving

Comfortably holds 250 people