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                           Welcome to our Staff

Fr. Quinn Mann


Michele Lantagne

Administrative Assistant

Tricia Kuhns

St. Margaret Secretary

Dawn Johnson

Director, Faith Formation 

Donna Henrichs

RE Assistant

Dan Decker

Business Administrator/Accountant - all parishes

Randy Pilon

Maintenance - St. Anthony

Howard Oller

Church Janitor at St. Anthony

Veronica Church

St. Anthony Hall & Parish Center Janitor

Charlie Kuhns

St. Margaret Maintenance



(Those without definition behind their name are the title "Pastor".  

Please see the definitions of others below)

1902 September   Rev Joseph Thierens

1905 September   Rev Joseph Phelan

1915                      Rev Joseph Hemmer

1918 April              Rev Leo Trojanowski

1934                                Rev Luke Leiterman - Temporary Administrator

1938 January                  Rev Frederick Therriault - Temporary Administrator

1938 January        Rev Dominic Szopinski

1949 July                   Rev Eugene Flatley - Associate Pastor

1952 February           Rev Francis Wenda - Associate Pastor

1954 January             Rev Jerome Fabianski - Associate Pastor

1959 June                  Rev Harold Reidy - Associate Pastor

1960 June                         Rev Leo Lessard - Temporary Administrator

1960 Sept              Rev Wilbert Staudenmaier

1960 Sept                   Rev Alfred Abel - Associate Pastor

1960 Sept                        Rev Harold Reidy - Temporary Administrator

1965 Oct                    Rev Henry Bedessem - Associate Pastor

1967 Sept             Rev Gerald VanNuland

1968 June             Rev Carl Steiner

1969                           Rev Richard Diedrich - Associate Pastor

1970                           Rev John Pawelski - Associate Pastor

1972 Aug              Rev Ken VandeVen

1978 Sept                       Rev William Kuhr - Temporary Administrator
1978 Dec             Rev Carl Steiner

1979 June            Rev Patrick Bernardy

1999 June                      Rev Harold Beernsten - Temporary Administrator

1999 June                      Rev Anthony Cirignani - Temporary Administrator

1999 Aug             Rev Michael Betley

2008 Dec                       Rev Jeremiah Worman - Temporary Administrator

2009 Feb             Rev Matthew Settle

2018 July                       Rev Michael Lightner - Administrator

2021 July                       Rev Quentin Mann - Administrator